Video Surfaces of De'Mathew Last Stage Performance

  • The last few minutes of fallen legendary Kenyan singer, John De' Mathew, emerged on Monday, showing the musician belting out tunes at an entertainment spot dubbed Metro in Thika.

    It was widely shared across various social media platforms, with De' Mathew seen serenading a visibly excited crowd with his legendary hitsongs.

    The last song he performed before he made his final bow, was actually an unreleased a romantic song titled Níkío ngùkùracíria (that's why I'll pay your dowry), which spoke of the beauty of love.

    Image of John DeMathew singing at an event

    Fondly referred by his adoring fans as Ithe wa Ciku (Ciku’s dad), the benga maestro used his final day to urge members of his community to back the proposed Constitutional amendments.

    He argued that the notion of a Prime Minister's position being speciallly designated for ODM party leader, Raila Odinga, was a misleading misconception.

    The crooner told the revellers that the post would be a national one and even if Raila ended up as a PM, there'd be many more after him.

    “As a community let us not be lied to that the Prime Ministers’ post belongs to Raila Odinga. The post can go to anybody from any tribe in Kenya because it is a national post," he  announced.

    He emphasised the need to tackle the 'winner takes all mentality' after every general election, adding that the proposed system of governance, which would give room for a Prime Minister, would go a long way in fostering national cohesion.

    His fellow musician and close friend, Mike Rua, disclosed that the two had been at a fundraiser in Gatanga, to support Peter Kigia's (who is also a musician) ailing child.

    Rua went on to narrate how De' Mathew ended up sobbing upon recalling a past incident, just before they parted ways, uknowingly, for the last time.

    See the short clip of De' Mathew enjoying himself moments before his accident: