Kikuyu Musician Who Dressed Down Mzee Moi on Live TV

  • Very few musicians, across the generations, could muster the courage to dress down a president publicly, leave alone in their presence, but Kikuyu musician Joseph Kamaru was having none of that.

    During the 1992 Madaraka Day celebration at Nyayo National Stadium, the late Kamaru was seemingly fed up with the strongman's leadership and in front of a multitude of people, decided to frankly speak his mind.

    Taking to the stage, with the event being broadcasted live on TV and Radio, the revered singer reminded Moi that he was infamous in his own country and that he had been living in a bubble where he was being lied to that Kenyans liked him.

    "Don’t sit comfortably with your fimbo (club). I know there are people telling you that you are popular, but the truth is that people do not like you,” Kamaru told the then-president publicly.

    The late Kikuyu musician Joseph Kamaru performing at a past event.

    Prior to his outburst, facing Moi with such an allegation was a grave mistake that many people could not fathom expressing.

    It was perceived as a dangerous road to trade for Kamaru at the time considering that the country was headed to its first-ever multi-party elections after Moi's 20-year rule.

    The election was the first real challenge Moi was going to face since ascending to the top seat in 1978.

    There was a deafening silence across the stadium after the singer's utterance and many people thought that he was going to get arrested.

    Shockingly, nothing happened to the musician.

    The publication further explained that considering Kamaru's special place in the founding President Jomo Kenyatta's government, it would be instrumental for Moi to befriend him.

    Their friendship flourished as Kamaru would make hit songs praising the former president's leadership style.

    The late Kikuyu musician Joseph Kamaru.