Jimmy Kibaki Recalls How Uhuru's Mischief Landed Him in Trouble [VIDEO]

Jimmy Kibaki, the son of retired President Mwai Kibaki, once told the nation how President Uhuru Kenyatta used to suffer in the hands of one of their teachers at Saint Mary School, Nairobi. 

Speaking at the funeral service of his late mother, Lucy Kibaki, Jimmy stated that he once complained about how he was caned often.

"I remember being caned for a long time at Saint Mary's. One day I went and I told her, 'mum do you know that every Friday I'm being caned?'. 

"There's one particular Irish priest who was very enthusiastic and I believe His Excellency the President know the priest I'm talking about because I'm told he was quite familiar with his cane," the younger Kibaki told the mourners. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta with retired President Mwai Kibaki who is seated next to his sons

The sombre mood that had engulfed the audience was momentarily taken over by laughter.

Lucy refused to intervene on her son's constant caning by the priest. 

Jimmy's mother told him that she could no longer cane her 'naughty' son and that is why she let the priest do it.

When Uhuru rose to speak, he did not shy away from reacting to Jimmy's revelations.

"This is not a day talk a lot because much has already been said and Jimmy has spilt my secrets now I don't know where to hide. 

"He could have just kept them to himself no worries the cat is already out of the bag," Uhuru joked.

President Uhuru Kenyatta with Deputy President William Ruto and retired President Mwai Kibaki