Churchill's Major Regret Since John De'Mathew Died

  • Kenyan Comedian Daniel 'Churchill' Ndambuki, has come clean on his biggest regret ever since he got word that the legendary benga musician, John De'Mathew had died.

    Having worked in the comedy industry since 1996, Churchill has hosted countless celebrities and industry titans, but he never once hosted De'Mathew.

    "Unfortunately, I never got to celebrate him when he was alive, and I wish I got the chance to host him and tell him he was a legend," a sombre Churchill narrated to the Star.

    Image of the late John De'Mathew

    He went on to reveal that his path once crossed with the iconic singer while he was setting up a music studio for upcoming musicians in Gatanga, going on to describe the benga maestro as the Michael Jackson of his genre.

    "It's a big loss and he has left a big gap, but he left us with a lot of his music and so he will be treasured in our minds and hearts," Churchill disclosed.

    The 'king of comedy' sent his heartfelt condolence message to fans of the late musician, going on to state that his one wish was that one day, the entertainment industry would get the respect it deserves.

    He also advised upcoming artistes to emulate the fallen legend, especially his humilty and consistency.

    "That consistency is what we wish for, not music that will only last for two weeks. De'Mathew's songs will be sung even in generations to come," he remarked.

    De'Mathew died in a tragic road crash along the Thika Superhighway on Sunday evening.

    Kenyan Comedian Daniel Churchill Ndambuki