5 Popular Politicians You Didn't Know Were 2nd Wives

  • Sabina Chege, Esther passaris and Cate Waruguru in a collage.
    Sabina Chege, Esther passaris and Cate Waruguru in a collage.
  • The law allowing Kenyan men to marry many wives was signed into law in 2014, formalising a practice that had been going on long before then. 

    There was a stipulation in the law that the first wife should consent to the second marriage but MPs deleted that section before passing it.

    Below is a list of popular female politicians who have proved that it indeed, love does conquer all.

    Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris with her husband Pius Ngugi

    Esther Passaris

    In 2016, the Nairobi woman representative went public about being in a polygamous marriage. 

    During an interview on  KTN, she stated,  “I am in a polygamous setup and it’s not something that I am proud of, neither is it something that I am ashamed of; you kinda learn to balance the two, this is the situation that I'm in and I’ve got to accept it.”

    Her husband, billionaire Pius Ngugi, is a farmer and one of the biggest producers of processed macadamia nuts that are exported to foreign markets, especially Europe and North America. 

    Ngugi is also married to Josephine Wambui Ngugi and have children together.

    Sabina Chege

    The Muranga woman representative won the heart of former Kenya Dairy Board boss, Gathitu Maina

    Their relationship sparked debate during the 2017 General Elections when she showed up with her husband to pick her election certificate. 

    Many interpreted the move as a show-off pitting Maina's two wives against each other. 

    Sabina was allegedly also linked with departed Kikuyu musician, John De' Mathew, after she was featured in one of his songs, Njata Yakwa (My Star).

    Murang'a County Woman Representative-elect Sabina Wanjiru Chege (left) a supporter, and her husband Maina Gathito after she was given her certificate at Murang’a County tallying centre on August 13, 2017.

    Cate Waruguru

    The Laikipia woman representative came clean about her union with lawyer, William Kigen, during a KTN interview.

    She reiterated that she has no apologies for being a second wife and was proud and better off that her husband was the man she wants to be with.

    “You will realize that I am better off if I know this is the man that I want to be with. I would like anybody to challenge me and tell me whether I am cast to go to hell because I am married as the second wife.

    “Somebody else’s husband is their husband within the confines of their home. Mzee ni wako kwa boma akishatoka, take care of yourself and choose what you want. The constitution allows it," she stated. 

    Margaret Kamar

    The Uasin Gishu senator was married to the late powerful minister, Nicholas Biwott

    Kamar, a university lecturer-turned-politician, cleared the air on her relationship with former powerful KANU-era politician in 2017. 

    She introduced Hannie, her co-wife, as the matriarch of the family and thanked her for "taking care of mzee during his younger age".     

    Prof Kamar had named Biwott as her husband on her CV and online pages, though she had never been seen in public with the 'total man'.

    Nicholas Biwott's three wives, from left: Prof Margaret Kamar, Hannie Biwott and Kalista Lessie.

    Mary Wambui

    The former Othaya Constituency MP made headlines when retired, President Mwai Kibaki, came out to clarify that he only had one wife, Lucy.

    The president had been forced to call a press conference to deny links with Wambui. However, those in the know maintained that the two had ties.

    Its also alleged that Kibaki and Wambui even had a child together, Winnie Wangui.