Billionaire Who Bought Entire Building After Being Denied Job

  • Many people get turned away at job interviews, on a daily basis, but very few take up the challenge as a mission to acquire the company's entire building after they become successful.

    Mount Kenya University founder, Simon Gicharu, is, however, one of the determined individuals who fall in the category of those who enjoy having the last laugh.

    Taking to social media on this edition of Wednesday Motivation, the tycoon shared that, at one point in his life, he had sought for a teaching job at Inoorero University but was turned away.

    He further revealed that the cycle repeated itself for a few years that followed but his success never waned.

    Mt. Kenya University Founder, Simon Gicharu.

    Several years later, after Gicharu got his grounding financially, he went back to the institution that denied him a teaching job.

    This time, he was not looking for employment but wanted to acquire the whole building, probably with everything in it.

    "Ever been told by a potential employer, "don't call us, we will call you"? I have, severally. At the School of Professional Studies, where I sought a teaching position, I walked away crestfallen.

    "Several years later, I went back and bought their building," shared Gicharu alongside photos of the building.

    After he purchased the building, he transformed it to Mount Kenya University, School of Law and grew it into one of the country's leading higher learning institutions of the current generation.

    Mount Kenya University was the first institution of higher learning in the country to be developed by an individual from a youth movement, Youth Finance Entrepreneurship Assistance.

    In 1995, the tycoon hawked milk for a leaving after he got fired by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and his friends branded him a 'failed graduate'.

    He never let that deter him either. His institution serves an estimated population of 50,000 students.

    Inoorero University building that Simon Gicharu purchased.
    Inoorero University building that Simon Gicharu transformed into Mt. Kenya University.