Kenyans School Moses Kuria After His Advice on Census

  • Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria, is never short of controversies and this time Kenyans are on his neck again.

    The firebrand legislator, on Wednesday, asked Kenyans to travel to their rural homes in preparation for the upcoming census.

    Kuria quoted the Bible from the book of Luke 2:1 which narrated how Mary and Joseph, the parents of Jesus, travelled to their place of origin for a census.

    A screengrab of some of the comments

    He further asked Kenyans to “follow in the footsteps of the sacred family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus” he added that “you should be counted where you come from.”

    This request did not go down well with Kenyans and the MP was on the receiving end of attacks.

    Most people noted that he was asking them to commit their time and money for an exercise that would get to them where they were anyway.

    I live far from home, my question is, who will cater for my travel expenses?,” Joyce Libra asked.

    Why should I use my fuel just to be counted and I would still be counted in the bar where I will be,” noted one Mwangi wa Wambui.

    Another netizen questioned the motive behind Kuria’s advice, noting that Kenyans had fallen for the same trick during the last General Election, where leaders from Central Kenya coined the phrase, “Kumira Kumira” (a clarion call for people to turn out and vote).

    Screenshot of more comments

    2017- 'Thuraku thuraku, register yourself as voters in Nairobi, we safeguard our properties'. 2019- 'Thuraku, thuraku, go home and get enumerated from your villages', who is getting fooled here?” questioned Njenga Wambui.

    Some even interrogated Kuria’s intention of using a Bible quote, claiming he was out to manipulate the masses.

    An imager of Kuria's statement