Watch as Ship Almost Rams Into Ferry Full oF Passengers

  • A spine-chilling short clip of a near collision between a ship and a ferry full of passengers at the Likoni Ferry in Mombasa, on Wednesday, has surfaced.

    The video shared by Solomon Ambuku shows that a last-minute swerve by the huge ship was all that prevented a potentially tragic disaster.

    Ambuku went on to lament on the careless nature of the coxswains serving under the Kenya Ports Ferry Services.

    Passengers on MV Kwale at the Likoni crossing channel

    "I've decried the recklessness of the ferry services at Likoni, Mombasa to the Ministry of Transport and the County Government of Mombasa why allow fools to put Kenyan lives on the line?" he lamented.

    He then went ahead and informed the National Police Service, urging them to apprehend the ferry's captain for reckless endangerment.

    "Ferry Kenya management itself and staff need a complete overhaul," he asserted.

    He went on to threaten to lead a protest match at the Ferry Services offices if the culprits were not arrested by the end of the day.

    "If by end of the day, the culprit coxswain will not have been interdicted and charged by end of today, we shall descend on their CEO," Ambuku declared.

    Netizens who watched the chilling clip also demanded the arrest of the captain as well as the officers stationed at the watchtower, who failed to pre-empt the potentially catastrophic crash.

    "Coxswains are just too laid back and reckless, I've witnessed these heart wrecking miscalculations, severally. The transport ministry, Kenya Ports Authority and the National Police Service need to put a stop to these irresponsible near horrors at Likoni," one user tweeted.

    Here's the terrifying short clip of the near-miss: