See Uhuru Train With Kenya's Top Martial Arts Brass

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta, on Wednesday, did some training on Tong-il Moo-Do sport with the Country's team at State House.

    Tong-IL Moo-Doo is a unique Korean martial arts sport. 

    In a photo seen by, the president is seen in his Tong-il Moo-Do attire, taking part in the well choreographed moves.

    Speaking to the Tong-il Moo-Do Kenya national team on Wednesday, the president stated that he was  keen on harnessing and nurturing sporting talents among young Kenyans. 

    President Kenyatta being presented with the 8th degree honorary Black Belt award

    He added that mechanisms were being put in place to ensure that talents are identified and developed right from the grassroots to benefit gifted young people. 

    “We do not just want to cultivate talents at the national but also at the grassroots level,” the President stated.

    Tong-il Moo-Do Kenya national team is set to represent the country in the 2019 Chungju World Martial Arts Mastership in South Korea. 

    The president divulged that the government had allocated funds to cater for the teams representing  the country at international tournaments.

    “We have now set aside funds to ensure that no team carrying our national flag will sleep in airports because they lack tickets, accommodation or they have no allowance,” he stated.

    The president also warned against mismanagement of funds by the sports team.

    “When we give you money, you must account for how it has been used to benefit our sports men and women. We want each federation and association to show how the money has been used to support respective players,” he noted.

    The Tong-il Moo-Do Kenya national team