Gov't Introduces New Guidelines on E-Passport

  • From now on, anyone looking to acquire an e-passport will be required to book an appointment in the e-citizen portal specifying the date and time and station of their convenience.

    In a notice to the general public released on the 25 August 2019, the department of immigration has introduced new guidelines that will govern the acquisition of e-passports.

    Those who had earlier made an online application for e-passports will be required to revisit the e-citizen portal and book their appointments, that is, time, date and station.

    Notice from the Department of Immigration.

    The Director of immigration services has revealed that there would be exceptions to these new guidelines in the case where;

    1. Sick persons have urgent appointments to travel abroad for proper medical attention.

    2. Students who are on scholarships that require immediate travel abroad.

    3. Public servants on an urgent official assignment abroad.

    4. Business executives on urgent official business visits abroad.

    Of all the exempted cases, evidence will be required before exemptions are made.

    These changes come at a time when President Uhuru Kenyatta merged the Interior and Immigration departments in a newly unveiled structure of the presidency.

    Uhuru and Matiang'i at a recent event.

    In the changes detailed in Executive Order No. 6 of 2019 released on Friday, Kenyatta created the State Department for Interior and Citizens Services which will discharge functions previously assigned to the State Department of Interior and State Department for Immigration, Border Control and Registration of Persons.