Photos of Waiguru's Mansion Proving She is Queen

  • When it comes to the battle of Kenya's most luxurious shelters, men have, for a while now, been claiming the mantle until Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru, showed them her claws.

    Somewhere in the uber posh neighbourhood of Kitisuru stands a lavish, well-designed mansion belonging to the county boss.

    The estate's main entry point is a tall and seemingly impregnable concrete & wrought-iron gate structure, complete with a gatehouse which is likely to be the office of its keeper. The gatehouse can virtually pass off as a middle-class Nairobian's permanent residency.

    According to photos seen by, the mansion is a two-storey building spotting white and brown colours that matches various developments comprised in the Kihingo development.

    A photo showing Governor Anne Waiguru's mansion.

    Reports from various news outlets perch its value between Ksh100 million and Ksh150 million.

    Inside the compound is a well-manicured lawn with a water fountain.

    In some of the photos, we could also spot a swimming pool complete with pricey gazebos.

    Houses contained in the estate are also designed similar to that of the governor and are dotted with children play parks that include slides, swings and a playhouse.

    Waiguru joins the league of other wealthy Kenyan governors such as Mombasa's Hassan Ali Joho and his Nairobi counterpart Mike Sonko.

    The mansion was first disclosed to the public when the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission detectives raided it in connection with corruption at the Devolution Ministry where she was the cabinet secretary.

    Below are more photos of Waiguru's mansion:

    A photo showing a swimming pool inside the mansion.
    An image of the gate to an estate where Waiguru's residence lies.

    A photo showing a Waiguru's resident and that of her neighbours.
    A photo of the water fountain in Waiguru's residence.

    A photo showing a children's play park.