Police Ruthlessly Stop MP's Son's Wedding After Matiang'i's Directive

  • Police officers, on Saturday, descended on a wedding that was taking place on the night the census exercise was supposed to be taking place.

    According to a report by Daily Nation, Tana River Woman Representative Rehema Hassan's son, Hashim Daud, was scheduled to tie the knot with his partner, Aisha Jineri.

    The whole event was, however, against a directive that had been issued earlier by Interior Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang'i, ordering all Kenyans to be indoors for the census exercises to be effective.

    According to witnesses who were at the event, the officers first gave the attendees 30 minutes to get to their respective homes before they reportedly used force.

    A photo of Tana River Woman Representative, Rehema Hassan, in a radio studio.

    "The police arrived and just ordered everyone to go home for the census.

    "They gave us only 30 minutes before they became aggressive,” recalled Hashora Rukia who was one of the guests at the event.

    Jineri is the daughter of the county's ECDE director and the event was to take place in the evening as per the region's traditions.

    Quoting a source close to the groom, the publication indicated that the plans would continue as planned but at a later date.

    Matiang'i had also directed that all bars across the country remain closed for two days starting Saturday, August 24 at 5pm due to the national census exercise which is expected to end on August 31.

    “We are going to going close all our social places especially the bars at 5pm to give you an hour to be home before the enumerators arrive at 6pm so that they can find you at home,” Matiang'i ordered at the time.

    Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i