Amazing Photos of Sen Omanga's Classy Multi-Million Mansion

  • Shelter is a basic need and if what politicians are putting up is anything to go buy, it should be accorded a fair part of one's income and attention.

    Just like her political career, Senator Millicent Omanga, who is an interior designer by passion, has ensured that the decor of her house remains just as glamorous.

    According to photos seen by, the lawmaker seems to have taken time designing the living space herself and boy, does she have a gift.

    In its living room, the house spots a big TV screen, which is somewhere in the regions of 40-inches, overlooking a well designed space that holds a classy sofa and carpet.

    Nominated Senator Milicent Omanga descends down the stares at her house.

    The two-storey building also boasts leather seats inside the expansive living room as well as the dining area.

    The walls are a work of art carefully painted with various appealing colours, ranging from cream and white to a mixture of greyish-black.

    Butterfly-like artwork also dots parts of the wall, giving the house a five-star feel.

    But what is a woman's classy house without a well designed kitchen? The senator's cooking area can easily pass for an entire living space for a many people.

    It has a well arranged cabinet and spots a silver gas cooker with a highly polished table.

    To get to that feat, however, Omanga explained that she was picked by Deputy President William Ruto to be director at KenGen. Previously she was selling bedsheets.

    The politician was inspired to start the business, during her days as a student of Commerce at the University of Nairobi, by the hardship at her home, especially after her father passed on.

    Below are more photos of Millicent Omanga's house:

    A well set-up dining area inside Senator Omanga's house.

    A photo showing the living room of Omanga's house.
    Impressive art designs on walls in the house.
    A photo showing the living room of Omanga's house.