13-Year-Old Girl Weeps Uncontrollably Narrating Cancer Struggle [VIDEO]

  • News anchor Jeff Koinange had to restrain his emotions on seeing his guest break down and weep uncontrollably, as she narrated her struggle with cancer on Wednesday, August 28, during JKLive show on Citizen TV.

    13-year-old Bianca Wambui was diagnosed with breast cancer and was stigmatised by her schoolmates because of her condition.  

    Jeff had hosted three guests, Ashman Puri, Bianca Wambui and Miriam Ndirangu, to speak out on their struggle with cancer and advise other Kenyans battling the killer disease. 

    Jeff Koinange with Ashman Puri, Bianca Wambui and Miriam Wambui. Bianca, 13, broke down and wept while narrating how she was stigmatised over breast cancer

    "I stopped going to school. I cannot attend classes because of my situation as my friends say they cannot play with me fearing that I will infect them... I stay home, alone sometimes, and I would wish to get well so that I can resume my studies."

    "I live with my mum and siblings. I have three friends who also stay with me during the day. Sometimes I ask God why this happened to me, but I know I will be okay because he is on my side," the teary Class Eight pupil stated after Jeff sought to know if she was continuing with her education. 

    The studio went quiet for a while as the other guests were shocked at the painful revelation.

    Bianca, who resides in Mathare, went on to narrate how her family was struggling to help her win the fight against the illness. 

    "I have not gone for radiotherapy or chemotherapy because we do not have money," Bianca opened up. 

    This host tried to encourage her to fight and live on courageously, to face another day.

    Bianca, 13, broke down and wept while narrating how she was stigmatised over breast cancer.

    "You will make it. Don't worry. Look at Miriam, she was diagnosed with cancer but she made it," Jeff encouraged. 

    Ashman advised that one should not be afraid and lose morale upon the realisation that they have cancer.

    "The first thing you have to do is accept; cancer is the most challenging situation but it is your mentality that matters. Denial is your worst enemy," Ashman stated. 

    Miriam, a cancer survivor wished that more could be done to curb the devastating effects of the disease. 

    "This is not the best feeling ever; I would not wish this on anyone else. There is hope if the government takes the right measures. There is a need to equip cancer centres even as we continue to build more of them. This will help curb misdiagnosis and help detect cancer early enough," Miriam divulged. 

    Jeff went on to rally the public to raise funds to support the Bianca young girl. 

    "She has had a mastectomy done, but no radiotherapy. Here is her pay bill number; 918675, let us contribute and help her," Jeff pleaded.

    Kenyans in their helpful nature raised Ksh2,442,500 within the first one hour, after her narration. 

    Jeff Koinange with Bianca Wambui. Bianca, 13, broke down and wept while narrating how she was stigmatised over breast cancer. Kenyans raised Ksh 2, 442, 500 within one hour to help her.

    Watch the video, courtesy of Citizen TV.