Stay Ahead of the Back-to-School Craze With One Easy Hack

  • The holidays are coming to an end and let’s be honest, we love our kids but it’s time they head on back and get an education.

    To all the parents with Plezdent Kingstons in their houses who enjoy PlayStation games all night and sleep till 1 pm, eating all the food and not really helping with chores - the back to school period is long overdue.

    On the upside, the otherwise deserted neighbourhoods has been filled with life and the cheers from the children blissfully playing their games.

    I, personally, and many working professionals can attest that the absence of the yellow buses on the roads has helped ease traffic on our urban roads. Unbelievable as it may sound, I have been able to travel from my house in Embakasi to town in 20 minutes when I depart at 7 am - which is the peak traffic hour. 

    Such a feat which would take an average of 2 hours is a miracle.

    This August holiday was special because of the census exercise that was conducted from the past weekend. 

    In our communities, the enumeration exercise provided fodder for small talk - you know when you meet your neighbour and the first words uttered are ‘Umehesabiwa?’ Have you been enumerated” - and then you go ahead to discuss the questions you were asked and how some were ridiculous but you still had to answer. 

    And for the observant ones, detailing and breaking down the conduct of the census officials, one particular one that cracked me up was when my neighbour innocently commented, “Imagine, I invited them in and they couldn’t be bothered to remove their shoes, with all the mud they trekked in. I had planned to give them tea but because of that I returned the thermos in the kitchen.”

    Due to the national exercise, the Ministry of Education extended the August School holiday to pave way for the same, moving the opening dates to 2nd September. 

    The one-week extension has given parents more time with their children and also much needed time to plan for finances for the third term. 

    This term will be a bit different in the type of notes you can give your children pocket money. The Central Bank of Kenya advised parents to equip their young scholars with the new Ksh1,000 notes as they will not be able to use the old ones after September 30th.

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    What’s better is that all Co-op bank customers and if you have the Mco-oop Cash App, you have automatically been registered for the service where you can start sending money directly from one bank to another at your own convenience.

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