NTV Blocked From Exposing Govt Office Exploiting Children

  • NTV was on Friday blocked by the court from airing an expose seeking to lay bare the filth in a government office.

    During the news hour at NTV, Edmond Nyabola, a presenter at the station, made the declaration concerning why the expose dubbed, Sins of Saviours, would not be aired on Sunday, September 1, 2019.

    In a video seen by Kenyans.co.ke, the media house claimed that had been investigating the child welfare society of Kenya, a state corporation charged with the responsibility of taking care of vulnerable children in the country.

    Nation Media Group building in Nairobi

    This was after they received damning evidence pointing to outright embezzlement of public funds at the expense of the children.

    According to the station's investigations, it claimed to have confirmed that the state corporation, responsible for protecting the welfare of Children was actually, abusing their right to proper healthcare and dignity by running a scheme where special needs children are used for profit.

    However, during the probe that involved speaking to those responsible, including the CEO of Child Welfare Society of Kenya, Irene Mureithi who threatened the station and later took them to court.

    "She left no doubt that she is prepared to do everything and anything to ensure the expose does not air by making unethical or virtuous to us claiming she knows people in high places."

    "When all that did not work, she mischievously went to the Children's court, and using falsehoods and assumptions, got orders on Friday, barring us from airing the expose, Sins of saviours, this Sunday," Nyabola stated.

    However, the media house remained firm on its decision to have the expose aired, stating that it would ensure the court lifted the orders.

    "NMG is fighting and the children's corner and our lawyers are fighting to have these orders vacated. This documentary will air and those tormenting children will be exposed," the anchor affirmed.

    A past session by Child Welfare Societ of Kenya
    probe fight