Sonko Introduces Digital Payments for Clamped Cars

  • Motorists will soon pay clamping charges via an electronic payment system.

    According to Nairobi County Director of Parking Services Tom Tinega, all the parking attendants will be equipped with smartphones to aid the exercise.

    “We have given out the gadgets and everything is now working according to plan. We are looking forward to making sure that every part of the city is fully digitised to make the payment system more compliant,” Tinega disclosed.


    The parking director explained that the smartphones have been configured to receive notifications once the driver of the clamped car has fully paid the necessary payments.

    He stated that immediately the parking attendant receives an alert, he/she will go to where the motorists' car is located and unclamp it. 

    He added that all county government payments will be done digitally noting that motorists who fail to pay their daily parking fees can also pay for their penalties through the system.

    He explained that by dialling *235# and then following the options, motorists can pay for their penalties hassle-free.

    However, Tinega noted that the county government was yet to come up with a way of ensuring that a message is generated to a parking attendant's phone once the penalties are fully paid by the motorists.

    What this means is that even after payment of penalties, the attendants will still have to physically go to where the clamped car is in order to unclamp it.

    “We are trying to find a way of making it easier to pay for the penalties. This will result in one having an easier way of making any payment and it eliminates the need of having to walk to the county offices,” he asserts.

    Before the introduction of the digital system, motorists had to make payment through the bank then bring back the receipt to a county parking officer for verification before the officer finally comes to unclamp the vehicle.

    Parking attendants will be equipped with smartphones to aid the exercise of digital payments.