KTN Airs Damning Exposé After Court Gags NTV

  • An investigative feature aired on KTN News on Tuesday night reported shocking details of child abuse and wanton looting at the Child Welfare Society of Kenya.

    The incriminating piece went on to claim that the woman at the helm of the state corporation charged with taking care of vulnerable children was Irene Mureithi - its Chief Executive Director for the past 17 years.

    Ms Mureithi had, last Friday, successfully moved to court to block the scandalous feature from airing on NTV.

    Child Welfare Society boss Irene Mureithi. She was mentioned in a damning news feature aired by KTN

    However, Kenyans finally got to watch the stomach-turning story of how children suffering from diseases such as cerebral palsy, were subjected to dubious & painful procedures at Stallion Rain Associates, a clinic that was neither recognized nor licensed by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council.

    Children in a congested room at Mama Ngina Children’s home in Nairobi.

    A hidden camera in one of the clinic visits showed children being subjected to experimental treatment methods, as they cried out in agony.

    Ms Mureithi was further accused of abuse of office and embezzlement of funds meant for the welfare of the special needs children.

    Undercover journalists unearthed the elaborate scheme in which an unidentified social worker and a driver, allegedly authorized as signatories to the state corporation's accounts, made lumpsum withdrawals using shady documentation.

    In an interview, published by The Standard on June 13, 2009, Ms Mureithi stated that she had taken up leadership at CWSK because it was her life's calling.

    She went on to reveal that during a church service back in 2002, she received a call from God, asking her to dedicate her life to serving special needs children

    "The pastor seemed to talk to me. He spoke of someone who had been called to take care of underprivileged children. Then I felt I needed to go back to serving children," she disclosed.

    However, KTN News stated that their attempts to get her rejoinder regarding the damning exposé turned out to be an exercise in futility.

    Here's a short preview of the shocking investigative feature: