Hussein Mohamed's Hard-Hitting Interview With Ndindi Nyoro on Citizen TV [VIDEO]

  • Citizen TV’s Hussein Mohamed hosted Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro, who has been in the news cycle since his involvement in chaos at Gitui Catholic Church in Murang' a County on Sunday, September 8, where he clashed with nominated MP Maina Kamanda.

    In the Tuesday, September 10, interview, Hussein asked the lawmaker to give his account of what happened when police officers were roughed up at the dramatic church harambee. 

    “I was to give every member (MP) a chance to talk,” Nyoro began. “Who gives you that right?” Mohamed cut him off.

    “We were in Kiharu Hussein,” Ndindi responded. “So What?” the journalist rejoined.

    Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro confronting his counterpart Maina Kamanda at Gitui Catholic Church in Murang' a County on Sunday, September 8, 2019.

    “So what?” Nyoro repeated in surprise. 

    “With all due respect, you being a Member of Parliament, so what? What gives you the right that you must talk in church and introduce people? It’s a church, isn't it? There’s a harambee going on, there are different people. What gives you the right to demand?” questioned the hard-hitting anchor. 

    In his defence, the MP explained that he had been invited by the function’s planning committee and as protocol dictates, being the area MP, he should have taken charge of the ceremony.

    Hussein further challenged the legislator that the said protocol was not based on any law.

    The news anchor also read out some remarks that had been made by the MP in 2017, juxtaposing them with what he claimed was punishment for his political views. 

    After the 2017 General Election, NASA supporters were teargassed, maimed and some even killed by police officers in various protests and Nyoro urged the officers to continue dealing with them ruthlessly.

    The MP had a hard time explaining why he was accusing the same government of using state agencies to fight him politically.

    At one point, Nyoro even regretted his harsh tone when he encouraged police officers who were quelling NASA protests. 

    Hussein also put Ndindi on the spot to explain whether he had reported the said persecution which the legislator also alleged was being funded by a person from the office of the president.

    “When you talk about PS Kibicho and people in government wielding power, who is more powerful here? Are you not in the government? Are you not in Jubilee? Is your leader not President Kenyatta? Doesn’t he have authority? Are you saying he’s okaying this?" Hussein wondered.

    Nyoro claimed that there were elements in the government who were plotting the 2022 succession and dusting off ODM leader Raila Odinga, Interior CS Fred Matiang’i and former Vice President Musalia Mudavadi as potential presidential candidates, thus veering off the initial question. 

    Hussein, in a bid to steer the MP back into the question, asked “Because you don’t want to answer my question I’ll ask it this way, you are telling me the president and the deputy are condoning this? Or are these people more powerful than them? " 

    “You may have to call them for them to answer,” Nyoro replied. The news anchor went on to argue that the legislator could have raised his perceived persecution to Uhuru and Ruto but the MP played coy. 

    “You could have sought redress from the deputy president or the president. Have you?” the anchor posed.

    "I believe there will be that forum but I can tell you for a fact that the president may not be aware but it is PS Kibicho. Just give me the benefit of doubt,” responded Nyoro.