Dramatic City Raid Brings Down Wanted Terror Suspect

  • Police in Mombasa on Monday, September 9, managed to corner and arrest a suspected terrorist during an early morning raid.

    According to the Daily Nation, police shot and injured the suspect and then took him to the Coast Provincial General Hospital under their custody.

    Salim Aboud Khalid alias Survivor was apprehended in the operation at Tudor Mwisho, led by the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit.

    Residents of Tudor Mwisho in Mombasa County mill outside the house where Recce Squad police officers shot and injured a terror suspect during a raid on September 11, 2019.

    Mombasa divisional police commander, Eliud Monari, revealed that the suspect tried to attack police with a knife after he was flushed from his hiding den.

    Monari also stated that the police did not shoot him with the intention to kill him but rather to immobilise him - Khalid was shot in the arm and leg.

    The Daily Nation reported that at least 17 police officers stormed the hideout in four high-powered vehicles and combed through the neighbourhood in three groups asking all residents to stay indoors.

    A few minutes to 6 a.m., gunshots rent the air in the usually quiet neighbourhood for close to 20 minutes, as residents confirmed that the police did not actually shoot to kill because one of the suspects escaped.

    Monari noted that they had gotten their man and had no idea about any other suspect.

    Another resident revealed that the police shouted severally asking the suspect to surrender before they started shooting.

    Eliud Monari during a briefing at Urban Station in Mombasa County on Wednesday 4th July 2018