DCI Launch Manhunt for Kenya's Top Female Detective

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations on Thursday, September 12, revealed the identity of one of the most wanted women in Kenya.

Jane Wawira Mugo's list of alleged crimes she has masterminded read out like a paragraph from a crime thriller novel.

"Wawira Mugo- a Serial Criminal is wanted by the DCI for various criminal activities including Robbery with Violence, Personation & Threatening to Kill," read an excerpt of DCI's statement.

According to the investigative report, Wawira currently works under the guise of a private investigator and CEO of Trimo Security Ltd.

In 2015, she is accused of kidnapping an unidentified man, forcing him to pay Ksh440,000 and later on storming his lawyer's office while pretending to be a police officer, going on to cause what was described as major disturbance at the said premises.

Interestingly, during the same year (June 11), an article by the Daily Nation described her as Kenya’s Sherlock Holmes who smells her suspects from a distance and leaves no stone unturned even if pursuit means crossing the borders.

“I love the job, and I love my suspects too, and the thrill of the chase,” stated the former undercover agent with the Kenya Police, Daily Nation reported.

The article also stated that she had trained as a detective with the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), now Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), as well as attended Kenyatta University where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in criminology.

However, the latest DCI statement claimed that Wawira runs a syndicate of robbers, with her employees Isaac Ndirangu, Noreen Malala and Michael Gitau accused of robbing Ksh 90,000 off a man just after he left an unnamed bank, the three allegedly introduced themselves as police officers.

The dangerous gang is believed to go around brandishing handcuffs, a radio phone as well as pistols.

Investigators at the DCI urged the public to remain vigilant, adding that Wawira's warrant of arrest was in full effect having being issued at the Milimani Law Courts.

They further added that on August 15, 2019, at New Muthaiga Estate, she drew a pistol and threatened to kill a man on allegations that he was spying on a relative of the director in a company that had hired her services.

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