Kitany Shamed at Linturi's Father's Burial

  • The former chief of staff in the Office of the Deputy President Marianne Kitany was on Tuesday, September 17, completely overlooked during the burial of Meru Senator, Mithika Linturi's father.

    Reports by K24 Digital claimed that Ruto's former aide was snubbed during the eulogy of Linturi's father, with Mercy Kaimenyi the only one listed as Linturi senior's daughter-in-law.

    In a letter dated January 10, filed at the High Court Family Division in Nairobi, Mr Linturi stated that he never divorced Ms Kaimenyi, whom he married in April 2005 at Tigania Catholic Parish in Meru. 

    According to NTV, the final farewell ceremony took place at Athi Primary School in Igembe South, Meru County.

    Meru Senator Mithika Linturi pictured during his father's funeral. The senator is involved in an ugly divorce case with DP Ruto's former aide Marianne Kitany

    The senators' father, Peter Linturi, died two weeks ago when the senator's estranged wife, Marianne Kitany, was still giving her evidence in court about their tumultuous marriage.

    Linturi and Kitany are in the middle of an ugly divorce case, in which the senator insists that they were not married and that she was only someone he had relations with.

    Deputy President William Ruto was also spotted during the final farewell service of Linturi senior, who was also a member of the Njuri Ncheke elders.

    Interestingly, Kitany claimed that she met the senator through the deputy president.

    During one of her damning testimonies, she claimed that the DP Ruto asked her to convince the senator to withdraw an impeachment motion he had tabled, against the then Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru.

    She recalled that the then Igembe South MP frequented the DP’s office after March 4, 2013 General Election with a lot of complaints.

    “The DP, as a result, gave me strict instructions to deal with Linturi’s regular complaints,” Kitany narrated to the court during her divorce hearing.

    Ms Kitany had asked for the adjournment of the case to allow her to mourn her father-in-law. Through her lawyer Danstan Omari she had stated that she was planning to travel to Igembe to take part in the burial plans.

    Pictures taken at the funeral of Mithika Linturi's father September 17, 2019. DP William Ruto was also spotted at the same event