Inspekta Mwala Released

  • UPDATE: Inspekta Mwala on Thursday, September 19, paid Ksh 30, 000 fine to secure his freedom after he was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving.

    “As I am speaking to you now, I am in the SGR train coming to Nairobi after I attended court earlier today and paid the fine as ordered by the magistrate,” Mwala spoke to a K24 TV journalist on phone. 

    Popular media personality and actor Davis Mwabili alias Inspekta Mwala was on Thursday, September 19, sentenced to one year in jail or Ksh 30,000 fine.

    Reports by K24 disclosed that Mariakani senior principal magistrate Nelly C. Adalo found the comedian guilty of causing death by dangerous driving.

    Before his sentencing, Mwala in his mitigation apologised to Ismael Mangi's family for leading to the demise of their son in the accident.

    Inspekta Mwala. He was sentenced to jail for causing death by dangerous driving.

    “I am very sorry. I also ask for forgiveness from the family of the deceased. I had not planned to cause the accident. I had no intention to kill, save that an accident occurred and I cannot have left where I was to go and cause the accident,” Mwala stated in his mitigation.

    Adalo in her ruling considered Mwala’s mitigation, and, as a result, sentenced him to one year in jail with the alternative of Ksh 30, 000 fine.

    “The offence of causing death by dangerous driving is not an ordinary offence. The people that commit this offence do not have a propensity for it, neither is it a crime committed for revenge, gain, lust or to emulate other criminals,” the senior principal magistrate explained.

    “In those circumstances, the accused is sentenced to pay a fine of Ksh 30, 000 in default, serve 1-year imprisonment,” Adalo affirmed.

    On August 26, Mwala hit and killed a pedestrian, Ismael, in Kaloleni, Kilifi County.

    Confirming the incident, Kilifi police commander, Patrick Okeri, stated that the media personality knocked down a 35-year-old man, killing him on the spot.

    The incident took place at Kaloleni town on Mazeras Highway when the actor hit a man who was crossing the road, The Nation reported

    He, later on, took to his Twitter, where he apologized to the late Mangi's family in a rather lacklustre manner.

    He asserted that he was not a killer and if that was the case, then he would have easily joined the armed militia group, al-Shabaab.

    "I'm sorry for what happened and pole (sorry) to the family. If I am a killer, then I would have joined al-Shabaab. My point is... let's be constructive guys. Some of our people are dying of hunger and you haven't given it much attention as you have given this one. Let's sit down and think," his tweet read.

    Davis Mwabili aka Inspekta Mwala, who knocked dead a pedestrian while driving in Kilifi County.