70-year-old Serial Body Lotion Thief Blames 'Witches' In Court

  • A Makadara court found Edward Macharia guilty of stealing 400ml of lotion from a supermarket along Jogoo Road, The Star reported on Tuesday, September 24.

    The 70-year-old suspect was caught with two bottles of lotion valued at Ksh1,720 which he had stolen from a local supermarket.

    Macharia, who is serving a three-year probation sentence, said the offence he committed on September 20, could only be blamed on witchcraft.

    He explained to the court, with certainty, that he had been bewitched by someone from his village.

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    The accused had been sentenced earlier in August for stealing the same brand of lotion from the same supermarket, pleading guilty to the charges.

    "I am very sorry for the offence and I cannot tell why I keep stealing the same lotion from the same supermarket," Macharia disclosed.

    Magistrate Merisia Opondo, who sentenced him in August, was shocked to see him back in court having committed the same crime he was accused of.

    "At your age, it is shameful to be committing such offences," Magistrate Opondo said. 

    Macharia promised to go back to the village if the court forgave him but Opondo forwarded his case to another magistrate.

    The accused was caught on camera by the CCTV operator and the manager of the supermarket who was on duty when he entered the supermarket.

    Citizen Digital reported a similar case in March 2016 when a 25-year-old man was caught shoplifting two bottles of body lotion.

    Joseph Omwiri Omwoyo, a newly married man, was caught stealing at a supermarket in Nairobi. He defended himself before Milimani Chief Magistrate Daniel Ogembo saying he had just been married and did not have money to cater for his needs.

    Omwoyo got sentenced without the option of a cash fine because he had committed the offence before hence the magistrate concluded that he was a serial offender.

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