KU Students Run Riot Across Thika Superhighway [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Students at Kenyatta University on Monday, October 7, brought traffic along the Thika Superhighway to a standstill, as they ditched their classes in protest.

A student only identified as Loice, while speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, revealed that they had decided to go on strike to force the administration to move the deadline set for the payment of school fees.

Kenyatta University Students pictured outside their campus after their strike

Their other demands as outlined in a signed demand letter were:

1. No student should be forced to use fly over and that habit must stop with immediate effect.

2. All student leaders suspended and students on petty basis must be granted their rights of education back.

3. The supplementary fee should be scrapped off.

4. All casual workers who lost their jobs should be reinstated back.

5. The graduation fee must be returned to the normal price of Ksh 3,500

6. There will be no classes and I urge all students to boycott classes until all demands are reached, and most importantly, Wainaina must go. In reference to the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Wainaina.

Police were quick to respond after the students rendered the busy highway impassable.

The student union president, Joshua Ayika has since been arrested after the police engaged the rioting students in running battles.

Watch a short clip of the rioting students below:

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