Kenyan Shamed After Predicting Doom for Kipchoge

  • Clinton Otieno was on the receiving end of Kenyans' jibes shortly after Eliud Kipchoge's feat, following his announcement that the INEOS 1:59 Challenge was an impossible feat.

    In a poorly scribbled sheet full of calculations, Clinton had estimated that it would be impossible for Kipchoge or any other athlete to run 42 kilometres in less than 2 hours.

    In his argument, he had concluded that Kipchoge would have had to run a distance of 5.8 meters per second, a matter that he termed as impossible.

    A tweet by a user castigating the twitter mathematician.

    Immediately after Kipchoge's victory, the concern that had been raised by Clinton was brought up.

    "Where is Clinton Otieno the Mathematician? Jim Ratcliff hired the best researchers across the globe. Wewe na maths yako ya Jaramogi University inakupa kiburi (Why are you proud of your limited understanding)?" aTwitter user posed.

    "This Clinton Otieno person really came to embarrass himself on Kipchoge's internet," another one stated.

    A screenshot of another hillarious response.

    A user who also happens to share the name Clinton disowned Otieno, whom he referred to as a disgrace to the name.

    Many shared memes detailing what they would do if they met the doom-speller.

    Another hillarious call from a Kenyan to Clinton Otieno.

    Not everyone took the negative and vindictive train, however.

    Some social media users sided with Clinton, stating that though Kipchoge shattered the record, the argument fronted by Clinton was valid to some extent.

    "But technically he’s correct. Kipchoge didn’t run by 1hr 59 minutes. He exceeded that by 40 seconds. So his argument is valid," a social media user defended him.