Atwoli Attacks Ruto Over Cursed Church Money [VIDEO]

  • Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary-General, Francis Atwoli, on Sunday, October 13, attacked Deputy President William Ruto over money he claimed was cursed.

    Speaking at the Bukwala SDA church funds drive in Khwisero, Kakamega, the fire-brand leader cautioned reverends against accepting DP Ruto's donations.

    "Naambia hawa reverend, mtu asilete pesa za Ruto apatie watoto wake, maanake, watoto wake watamalizika, (loosely translating to, I have cautioned the reverends against accepting Ruto's money as it spells doom for their children)," he barked out.

    Atwoli also claimed that all church leaders who had taken the deputy president's donations were now living in torment.

    Francis Atwoli and DP Ruto at a past event

    "Na wale wote walichukua pesa yake (Ruto) hawana raha kwa familia zao ukichunguza vizuri, loosely translating to all those who accepted Ruto's money have known no peace within their families," he claimed during the funds drive.

    He went on to question the DP's source of wealth, on the premise that he was simply too young to have attained his current multibillionaire status.

    "Ni mtu alizaliwa 1966, mimi 1967 nilianza kazi. Nimefanya kazi kwa miaka 52, mbona mimi sio multibillionaire? loosely translating to, this guy (Ruto) was born in 1966 while I started working in 1967. I have worked for 52 years, why haven't I attained the multi-billionaire status," he posed.

    On July 27, 2019, the COTU chairman, declared his move if Ruto became president in 2022.

    “I am ready to leave this country should he (DP Ruto) become the president of this country,” he announced.

    Here's the video of Atwoli speaking at the church fundraiser in Kwhisero: