Kenyans Condemn Uhuru After Mary Wambui's Appointment

  • On Tuesday, October 15, Kenyans took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with President Uhuru Kenyatta's government.

    With the #DearUhuruKenyatta hashtag, which became a trending topic, they told the president that they were displeased with how he was running the government.

    The outrage seemed to have been prompted by the appointment of former Othaya MP Mary Wambui as the National Employment  Authority chair.

    Former Othaya MP Mary Wambui. She was appointed on Monday, October 14, to head the National Employment Authority.

    Many Kenyans advocated that a younger person could have been given the job.

    "Dear Uhuru Kenyatta some people thought you would bring change because you were younger and seemingly smarter and more eloquent than those that came before you. You’ve driven the youth agenda into the ground by giving the oldest individuals jobs," Nasi commented.

    "Mary Wambui cannot even construct a simple sentence in English but has been made the chairperson of Employment Authority of Kenya...How will she chair the board meetings?" Muhammad Onyango questioned.

    "I regret voting for you. I regret wasting my time on the queue. I regret being a Jubilee supporter," Sammy weighed in.

    "If being stupid was a crime, I would be serving a 15-year jail term. How was I convinced to vote for President Uhuru Kenyatta on 26th as a birthday present? I failed this nation! Never again!" Arnold vowed.

    The former Othaya MP is expected to serve as the chair of NEA for a duration of three years.

    Wambui will take over from Winnie Pertet, who served as chair from its inception till the end of her term. 

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