Sankok Viciously Defends Uhuru After Mockery in Nation Headline

Nominated MP David Ole Sankok on Thursday, October 17, sided with President Uhuru Kenyatta on the launch of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) in Ongata Rongai.

Sankok expressed his support for Uhuru via his Facebook page when he lashed out at what he referred to as enemies of progress who were speaking against the SGR project.

"I respect the men and women of the 4th estate but show me the idiot who said that our sacred ground of Suswa is nowhere?" he asked referring to the assertion by media publishers the Nairobi-Suswa SGR line that abruptly ends at Suswa failed to make sense.

Sankok was outraged by a story run by a Nation Media Group website, Nairobi News, with the title Uhuru to launch expensive SGR line to ‘nowhere’ and additional amplification by other publishers and Kenyans on social media.

The MP added that Suswa was a land of many notable structures with the biggest geothermal plant in Sub-Saharan Africa found in the area.

He also mentioned the Wildebeests' Migration as one of the eight wonders of the world took place in Suswa as the animals crossed over into Serengeti.

The legislator noted that it was also Kenya's largest producer of barley and wheat, with Africa's biggest leather tannery.

"Our heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ, we thank you for president Uhuru Kenyatta. We declare and decree the protection of God upon him. We soak his life, his body, his spirit, his mind in the blood of Jesus Christ," the post read.

This came after the president launched the Nairobi-Suswa SGR line that was launched on Thursday, October 17. 

The train connects Ngong, Rongai, Nairobi, Mai Mahiu and Suswa towns with a daily passenger service.

The fares for the commute are as follows:

From                                 To                        Economy                             First Class

Ngong                            Nairobi                     Ksh100                                 Ksh200

Rongai                           Nairobi                     Ksh100                                 Ksh200

Ngong                            Rongai                     Ksh50                                   Ksh100

Rongai                           Suswa                      Ksh100                                 Ksh500

Nairobi                           Suswa                      Ksh200                                 Ksh650