Matiang'i's Mashujaa Day Message Gets Cold Reception

  • Interior CS Fred Matiang'i on Sunday, October 20, like many government officials took to social media to relay his Mashujaa Day message to the masses.

    In a post on his Twitter account, the no-nonsense CS sought to give a word of encouragement to Kenyans urging everyone to practice values that would have a positive impact on others.

    "Each day, we draw inspiration from our heroes. We can pass the same onto the people around us and our future generations. You are a Shujaa for every positive impact you create in others," he stated.


    Minutes after posting the message, a section of Kenyans flooded his Twitter with comments bashing the CS.

    Most were of the opinion that there was nothing to celebrate owing to the increased numbers of unemployment in the country.

    "As we celebrate Mashujaa Day what do we have to celebrate? We still have Kenyans dying of hunger and our inability to provide healthcare to our people, Mashujaa wetu ni zero," one user stated.

    Another echoed with, "Mambo kwa ground iko different, (the lived experience of everyday Kenyans is quite different) majority of Kenyans are suffering and poverty is at alarming levels."

    Another section of netizens interpreted the cabinet secretary's fairly unobjectionable message as indifference to the general mood of despair by Kenyans at a time when job losses, high taxation and ballooning debt disturbed the populace.

    "Local businesses closing down, millions of youths suffering and jobless, why receive a million per month while the majority are hopeless if you care about the youth, only dynasty sycophants like you can enjoy this. Soon the kitten will kill the lion and revolution will be a right," one user conveyed.

    "Well, you lost my support when I realized you have no principles of your own but support your master in running down all industries in the western region of the country," a netizen stated.

    "Mashujaa is just specifically for rich and those in power like you! How often do you listen to innocent Kenyans? Very shameful," another added.


    This backlash was, in part, associated with a prevailing outcry by the youth over steadily increasing unemployment despite promises by the government. 

    As of September 21, data compiled from the Registrar of Companies showed that 388 companies had been dissolved between March and August 2019 with dozens of others scheduled to be struck off the companies register by this year's end.

    Earlier in October, a teary woman shared her story of how she got laid off from a foreign company,a manifestation of the challenges foreign-owned companies braved under President Uhuru Kenyatta's administration.

    Her rant united Kenyans against the government as many shared their personal experiences with unemployment.