Uhuru, Raila Team Wants County System Scrapped

  • The Building Bridges Initiative in its final proposal advocated for the expulsion of county governments so that they can be replaced with 14 regional governments.

    In the draft, BBI sought to make devolved units more aware of and solve the needs of Kenyans. 

    The Yusuf Haji-led team recommended for the repeal of the County Governments Act of 2012 to be replaced with regional governments as was stated in the Bomas Draft.

    Members of the BBI team. The team advocated for the scrapping of counties and its replacement with 14 regional divisions.

    The recommendation by the BBI team came after DP William Ruto on Sunday, September 29, claimed that "a group of people cannot sit in hotels" and decide on constitutional amendments in the stead of more than 45 million Kenyans.

    If the move by the team goes ahead, then Kenya will have a regional Prime Minister and deputy regional premier or an equivalent to administrate the new governance system.

    On February 2019, AU envoy Raila Odinga advocated for the creation of a three-tier system of governance.

    In his argument, Raila stated that devolution made some counties uncompetitive because the said devolved systems boasted of a small population.

    "One of the facts we’re dealing with but hardly acknowledge is that a number of our counties as they are today are too tiny to compete and to marshal internal and external resources for development,” Raila argued.

    In battling tribalism and nepotism, BBI proposed for the establishment of the Regional Public Service Boards (RBSB) to rid counties off inappropriate appointments.

    Also, the team recommended for the creation of the County Police Chief post. The occupant of the office according to the draft report, will be elected through regulations within the counties.

    ODM party leader Raila Odinga and DP William Ruto. In October, Ruto stated that it will be difficult changing the constitution without placing the considerations of the ordinary Kenyan in the fore front.