Aukot Launches Second Phase of Punguza Mizigo

  • Thirdway Alliance Party leader Ekuru Aukot on Wednesday, October 23, launched the second phase of the rejected Punguza Mizigo Bill.

    "We shall engage further with members of the public as we plan to roll out the second phase of the bill which will be dubbed Punguza Mizigo Kenya (PMK)," Aukot revealed through the Thirdway Alliance Facebook page.

    Aukot disclosed that the revamped bill would be based on the responses the initial version of the proposal received when it was discussed in various counties. 

    Thirdway Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot. On Wednesday, October 23 he rolled out the second phase of Punguza Mizigo.

    "The public benefits would include addressing the cancer of theft of public money. The calculated amount would come to Ksh3.78 trillion in saved money," Aukot highlighted.

    He also noted that the bill would not allow leaders who are tainted to hold public office, as Kenyans wanted upright legislators.

    "We have not abandoned the bill as we are going to relook at the first one and will make an announcement on how to go about this second phase," he reiterated.

    "All the 47 county assemblies returned their verdict on the bill with two out of 45 supporting it," he confirmed, expressing optimism that Kenyans would still have a chance to vote on it.

    He thanked the over 1.2 million registered voters and over 1,000 volunteers who helped with the proposal.