Mudavadi Unleashes Wrath on Malala After Kibra Stoning Incident

  • Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi, on Sunday, October 27, vowed to take stern action on Kakamega Senator Cleophus Malala after his close call at the hands of rowdy youth at Sarang'ombe, Kibra.

    Their afternoon campaign turned chaotic after rowdy youth started pelting his vehicle with stones, forcing them to flee to safety.

    Malala was captured on video during the ODM campaign rally that was taking place within Kibra as well, telling the people that as an ANC senator, he was the senior-most official, and urged the Kibra residents to oust any ANC leaders who tried to present any other candidate apart for Imran Okoth - for the November 7 by-election, by any means necessary.

    NC party leader Musalia Mudavadi during a previous campaign. His vehicle was stoned in Kibra while campaigning for his party's candidate Eliud Owalo on Sunday, October 27.

    "Mimi kama afisa mku wa ANC nawaambia kwamba we are supporting Imran, mtu yeyote atakeye kuja hapa na jina ya chama yetu an kujaribu kuwauzia mtu mwingine isipokuwa Imran, mfukuzeni kabisa maanake huyo ni impostor, loosely translating to, as the top most ANC official I have given you the mandate to chase away any purported ANC member who comes here campaigning for anyone other than Imran," he stated.

    Speaking to, ANC secretary-general, Barack Muluka rubbished the Senators claim of rank with the party, going on to state that Malala was just a party member and nothing more.

    "He is just our senator in Kakamega county, I think he's just been driven by a childish political mileage need," Muluka stated.

    On learning of Malala's remarks to the people of Kibra, Muluka vowed that the party would take the necessary action after reviewing the footage of the senator's speech, that could be interpreted as an incitement to commit violence.

    "If it is true that he was the one who incited the people, then the party will deal with him in a lawful manner. Several of our youth were hurt during the scuffle, but we restrained ourselves as well as our supporters despite a lot of provocation, as we do not believe in violence," the ANC Secretary-General confirmed.

    Mudavadi's entourage had been stoned as he led the campaigns for the party candidate Eliud Owalo.

    Muluka, who was present at the rally, stated that they were stoned by a section of rowdy youth and forced to abandon the area to avoid further confrontation.

    ODM supporters during a rally in Kibra on Sunday, October 27.