Boniface Mwangi Escalates War With Tony Gachoka Over Deleted KTN Interview

  • Activist Boniface Mwangi on Wednesday, October 30, was involved in a public spat with media veteran Tony Gachoka over a KTN PointBlank interview that took place on October 9, 2019, between the two, that Mwangi alleges was largely left unaired.

    In the acrimonious battle on Twitter, the two exchanged strong words before Gachoka blocked him on social media, according to what Boni told

    Their bitter exchange started with Tony Gachoka's tweet that appeared to be mocking Boniface Mwangi's exhortation of David Ndii's prowess in economics, Gachoka insisting that he had been more intelligent during his high school days than David Ndii at the moment.

    Economist David Ndii during an interview with KTN’s Tony Gachoka on Point Blank on March 6, 2019.

    "David Ndii should write a book! He is a walking encyclopedia of Kenya's economics. Judging by his knowledge of our history, tweets, articles, and interviews, any book he writes would be a great read. I hope he does it!" Boniface Mwangi stated on Tuesday, October 30.

    Boniface Mwangi did not hesitate to reply, bringing up the issue of the interview segment that he claimed had been edited out of the aired segments.

    "I believe that you are a Uhuru fanboy. I came to your TV show, I spoke courage fluently and you censored me because you didn't want to offend Kenyatta and his family. Release the entire interview online and then we can discuss further," he wrote.

    Gachoka then accused Boniface Mwangi of lying to the public, a matter that he stated had shocked and appalled him.

    He clarified that the only parts of the interview that were left unaired were controversial sections where Mwangi had directed unsavoury words towards the President.

    "I never knew you lie. Nothing in your interview with me was edited or censored, expect the insults you hurled at the President. I regret that you are a dishonest man," Gachoka expressed himself. 

    Speaking exclusively to, Mwangi stated that there was no bad blood between the two of them, but Gachoka had taken measures to block him on social media. 

    A screenshot of some of the exchanges between Boniface Mwangi and Toni Gachoka on Wednesday, October 30.
    During the interview, Mwangi had made the insistence that the buck to change in the country stopped with the President, whom he stated had abdicated his responsibility.
    He also accused the President of staying silent while atrocities were being committed all around him.