Electric Pole Crashes Into Bus Full of Passengers

Panic descended on passengers aboard a Nairobi-bound bus on Wednesday, November 6, after an electric utility pole came tumbling down on the public service vehicle.

The incident which raised fear among the travelers and passers-by led to a huge traffic snarl-up along the busy Sheikh Abdalla Farsi road junction in Mombasa.

According to the Kenya News Agency, normal power supply along the busy street was interrupted owing to the damage caused to the electric pole.

The bus had just left Mtwapa Town in Kilifi and it was collecting more passengers in the coastal city of Mombasa when the Wednesday scare occurred. 

"I just heard a loud bang when the pole came tumbling down," the driver of the bus identified as Waithaka told Kenya News Agency.  

Waithaka further revealed that he immediately brought the vehicle to a stop to allow his passengers disembark since a huge electric spark had thrown those on board into a panic.

The driver went on to assure that the 20 passengers who were on board escaped unscathed from the incident.

Later on, after humongous traffic, personnel from the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) and the fire brigade disentangled the bus from the electric wires.

Shahid Abdalla, an eyewitness from Bondeni, Mombasa lamented that residents had numerously complained without any action being taken to repair the weak electric pole.

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