Photos That Prove Uhuru's Son Redefines Fashion

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta’s last born son, Muhoho Kenyatta, has carved out a career for himself in fashion design.

    Contrary to the family trade, politics, Muhoho is a gifted fashionista at Nomadic, a fashion company he founded with his friends and former schoolmates. 

    Mo, as he is popularly known to his friends, first designed a pair of trousers from khanga material after he consulted his mother, who many Kenyans praise for her admirable fashion sense.

    Muhoho Kenyatta models in his clothing line

    The trousers as shared on the company's official Facebook page are proof that indeed Mo and his partners have mastered the sense of fashion and the trends in the country.

    During a past interview with the Daily Nation at a fashion event, Mo, revealed that the idea was not initially approved by his mother as she thought trousers made out of khanga material were a bad idea.

    The clothes that are majorly modelled by some of his friends have been embraced by the public due to their simplicity and practicality.

    Mo and partners have even opened a branch in the UK where they have been marketing the clothing line.

    some of the trousers from Muhoho's clothing line.

    "Coming back with a bang! Here’s a little sneak preview of our latest collection! Kitenge material, proudly Kenyan!" reads one of the posts from Nomadic Attires UK.

    His apparel can be purchased online but he and his colleagues have opened several stalls to market the same and the major one being at the Village Market.

    Despite initially thinking it was a bad idea the first lady has previously rocked her son’s designs in a number of events.  

    Apart from the trousers, Mo’s outfit also produces harems and shorts.

    A model poses with the trouser from Muhohos collection on September 4 2014
    Models Pose with Muhoho's designs