Brave Female Chief Who Impressed CS Magoha

  • Many Kenyans think Education CS George Magoha is an ever serious educationist, however, he is on a mission to put smiles on the faces of public servants whose performance has been extraordinary during the ongoing KCSE examinations.

    Speaking at St. George's School in Nairobi on Friday, November 8, 2019, the CS praised Chief Jawahir Musa who nabbed a boy trying to cheat. 

    She caught a St Theresa's Boys School student who had a phone hidden between his legs by during the exam, which is prohibited. 

    Education CS George Magoha on Friday, November 8, 2019, vowed to vouch for the promotion of Chief

    “I will be speaking to the president to front the name of the female chief for promotion in the coming days, for going the extra mile in achieving a transparent examination exercise,” he told the media.

    During the press conference, the no-nonsense professor also lauded police officers manning examinations in Kisii County, after they nabbed 11 impostors who attempted to do the exam on behalf of other students.

    “The police officers just looked at the old impostors and noted all was not well, leading to their arrests. I will be interceding on their behalf, for the president to see to it that they get promotions for their great service to this nation,” guaranteed CS Magoha. 

    The CS further reassured the nation of a fair and transparent examination process and warned any student intending to engage in any malpractice.

    Parents of candidates sitting for the examinations were also cautioned on interfering with the process.

    “You need to trust the government. On behalf of the president, you need to trust me to make sure that the process follows a smooth path,” he urged. 

    The Cabinet secretary also challenged parents to avoid mounting pressure on their children to attain specific grades, arguing that it was a major contribution to exam cheating.