Sonko Goes Ballistic After Catching Staff Sleeping on the Job [VIDEO]

  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, unleashed his wrath on some of his employees.

    In a Tuesday morning Facebook post, he vowed to fire county officials who were pocketing parking fees in Dakar Road within Industrial area.

    "This is total impunity at Dakar Road Industrial Area. Trucks parking and blocking the road every day. Today parking officers pocketing this money must go home. The parking fees you have corruptly acquired will cost you," Sonko warned.

    A screenshot of trucks parked by the roadside blocking other motorists on Tuesday, November 12.

    According to Nairobi County Communications Director, Jacob Elkanah disclosed that the governor would conduct an extensive crackdown later in the day.

    "We have to reduce traffic within the CBD and Nairobi at large," Sonko warned.

    In a video shared by Sonko, huge trucks could be seen parked on both sides of the two-way road.

    "These trucks parked by the road block other motorists from using the road. However, I wonder if the parking fee they pay even reaches the county government?" the county chief questioned.

    "If a client comes, they can stay blocked for about an hour before they are able to access parking," he added.

    On September 25, Sonko cracked the whip on motorists outside Nation Centre who according to him, had devised ways of avoiding parking fees.

    "I have instructed my city council team to ensure no vehicle is double parking, overlapping or making U-turns (at undesignated places) and road users should pay parking fees, especially the notorious motorists situated at Nation Center," stated Sonko.

    Here's the video.