Sonko Goes After Motorists at Nation Center

  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, on Wednesday, September 25, declared war on Nairobi motorists with special attention paid to parking areas near the Nation Center.

    In a post on his Facebook page, the flamboyant governor ordered his law enforcement officers to ensure that people adhere to traffic laws while identifying the area around the Nation Center as a notorious site for traffic infractions.

    He accused the motorists of devising ways to avoid paying parking fees.

    "I have instructed my city council team to ensure no vehicle is double parking, overlapping or making U-turns (at undesignated places) and road users should pay parking fees, especially the notorious motorists situated at Nation Center," stated Sonko.

    Nation Center in Nairobi CBD. Motorists situated at the Center have avoided paying parking fees by bribing parking boys Ksh100.

    He further disclosed that he would be going after all motorists in the city flouting parking regulations and that he had noticed a bribery trend involving parking boys that denied the county substantial revenue.

    "All of us, including the larger matatu sector, are in agreement that the current chaotic situation is neither good for the public nor for those who have invested in the industry.

    "Those bribing parking boys with Ksh100 are denying county revenue, we will clamp your vehicle and arrest boys together with your car keys," he added.

    Failure to pay the Ksh200 parking fee attracts a Ksh2,500 fine once your car gets clamped.

    This is the governor's latest attempt at restoring order on Nairobi roads since giving public service vehicles a maximum of two hours parking time inside Nairobi bus parks in mid-August.

    City Hall, at the time, further directed that matatus that found contravening the directive would be impounded and the owners fined.

    Cars parked in Nairobi. Mike Sonko has launched a crackdown on rogue motorists who flout city traffic leading to traffic jams.