NTSA Makes Major Changes After Francis Meja Exit

  • The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) on Tuesday, November 12, confirmed the appointment of George Njao as the new director-general among a raft of changes in its organisational structure.

    In a statement signed by the acting chairperson, Alice Chesire, the appointment was arrived at after a rigorous interview process.

    “The NTSA Board of Directors has appointed George Njao as the authority’s director-general for a period of three years after a vigorous interview process spearheaded by the board after its inauguration in February 2019,” read the statement in part.

    Njao brings extensive experience in the safety management sector of the transport industry for where he has worked in for over fifteen years.

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    Njao is a holder of a Master's degree and a Bachelor's of Science degree from the Central Missouri State University, USA.

    The NTSA commended Francis Meja for his service, highlighting the success of his tenure at the helm of the authority. 

    “Mr. Meja was instrumental in setting up NTSA and taking up several mandates previously assigned to various agencies such as KRA, TLB, and the national police service," the statement further reads.

    Meja was lauded for the successful consolidation of all NTSA's services into one online platform, the Transport Integrated Management System (TIMS).

    The authority further made a review of the organisational structure and made significant changes to its leadership in what NTSA says was a bid to 'boost performance'.

    Outgoing director-general Francis Meja.

    Badu Katelo was appointed as a director for road safety while Christopher Wanjau was appointed as director, registration and licensing.

    Shalakha Shem was also appointed to the position of deputy director, supply chain management.