Mombasa Floods: Govt Acts After Major Highway Section Gets Submerged

  • The Kenya National Highways Authority (Kenha) on Tuesday, November 12, issued a travel advisory to motorists plying along the Mombasa-Malindi highway.

    Heavy flooding in the Kikambala area turned a section of the busy highway into a danger to the lives of motorists and pedestrians.

    "Due to heavy precipitation received within and around Mombasa, the Mombasa-Malindi highway has been overtopped at Kikambala," read an excerpt from Kenha's statement.

    The road agency went on to urge motorists to exercise extra caution while approaching the flooded section of the road.

    A traffic jam along Makupa Causeway in Mombasa on November 12, 2019, following floods caused by heavy rains.

    Local residents took to Twitter to warn pedestrians as well, over the danger posed by crocodiles that may have found their way into residential areas following the heavy downpour in the coastal area.

    "Mombasa-Malindi Road after Majengo Kanamai, Kadzengo to be precise, water has covered the road. Drivers and users of that road take hid. Floods all over. Crocodiles from Kikambala farm might be crouching," Sunset Kenya shared on twitter.

    The bridge at the Mbogolo passage, in Mavueni area, Mnarani ward, Kilifi North sub-county, Kilifi county had also reportedly been overtopped with commuters advised to use Kaloleni-Mavueni.

    Residents were urged to brace themselves for more rainfall in the next 30 hours by the Kenya Meteorological Department.

    According to Mombasa County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo, some cars were swept away by the floods which destroyed some roads in Jomvu area.

    Mr Kitiyo went on to warn tourists and fishermen not to avoid venturing into the ocean until further notice.

    A truck transporting goods from Majengo is stuck after the road caved in following heavy downpour in Mombasa and its environs on November 12, 2019.