Panic as Likoni Ferry Full of Passengers Stalls Mid-Sea Again

  • MV Jambo, a ferry maintained and operated by the Kenya Ferry Services(KFS), stalled mid-journey on Monday, November 18 at 2.30 pm after she left the mainland while loaded with passengers and vehicles.

    The ferry was headed for the island when she developed a steering hitch halfway the Likoni channel and was forced to come to a halt.

    In a Facebook post, the KFS revealed that passengers and vehicles aboard the stalled ferry were rescued by another ferry, MV Kwale.

    "MV Kwale came into her rescue and towed her to the island ramp where the motorists and passengers disembarked." The post read.

    MV Kwale on November 18 towed MV Jambo after she(MV Jambo) stalled mid sea while loaded with passengers and vehicles.

    MV Jambo was towed to the Mbaraki wharf for repair and Kenya Ferry Services apologised for the inconveniences caused to the ferry users

    "Passengers on board MV.kwale were later discharged on the island ramp. We apologize for the inconveniences caused," the KFS stated.

    The technical fault in the ferry arose questions pertaining to the safety of the Kenyans using the ferries for their daily endeavors.

    This is the second time such an incident has been reported in a span of two months after another ferry MV Likoni, stalled midway at the Likoni channel on October 13. 

    On September 29, a woman and her daughter drowned at the Likoni channel after their car slid off a ferry and plunged into the ocean. An incident that prompted President Uhuru Kenyatta to reshuffle leadership at the KFS.