Panic as Likoni Ferry Full of Passengers Stalls Mid-journey

  • There was panic after the controversial MV Likoni Ferry stalled mid-journey while transporting passengers across the Likoni Channel.

    Confirming the Sunday, October 13, incident, Likoni Sub-county Police Commander Benjamin Rotich stated that the incident was reported to the region's police station.

    "I can confirm that the incident was reported but I am ineligible to answer any working or mechanical problems of the Kenya Ferry Services," he told

    After reaching the shore, passengers are said to have stampeded while alighting from the vessel.

    MV Nyayo Ferry crosses the Indian Ocean. MV Likoni is reportedly still operating without proper ramps just days after an accident that claimed two lives.

    Witnesses revealed that the ferry stalled and drifted under the heavy ocean currents until another ferry, MV Jambo, moved in and pulled it to the shore.

    They also raised a concern about the weak structure of the ferry, since its roof was made of iron sheets that were easily blown off by strong coastal winds.

    "MV Likoni has stalled before and I have seen it myself drifting towards Kilindini. These things are unseaworthy. MV Nyayo is as well a floating scrapheap," shared Maina Munyeria.

    "It's not the first time MV Likoni stalling and drifting, it's something that has been happening, these ferries are very old and should be disposed of," expressed another concerned Kenyan.

    Sunday's incident came shortly after concerns emerged about low-lying ramps that reportedly caused the September 29 accident that claimed the lives of Miriam Kighenda and her four-year-old daughter Amanda Mutheu.

    Their car was recovered 13 days after it plunged into the water after slipping off the ramp. 

    Likoni tragedy car retrieved on Friday, October 11.