Tough-Talking Senator Changes Tune After Party's Drastic Move [VIDEO]

  • Embattled Kakamega Senator Cleopas Malala on Wednesday, November 20, changed tune regarding his acrimonious departure from the Amani National Congress (ANC) headed by Musalia Mudavadi.

    Speaking on Radio Citizen, Malala revealed that the source of his disagreement and departure from the party was due to the means that the disciplinary committee treated him after he declared his support for the ODM candidate Imran Okoth in the Kibra by-elections held on November 7.

    "They suspended me without even giving me a chance to explain myself. They never even told me who had launched the official complaints and even what the complaints were," Malala argued.

    Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala flanked by ODM party members addressing the press on November 17, 2019.

    This, he narrated was the reason he made the decision to walk out of the party with a view to making new alliances to support his political career which he stated was being ruined by the party leaders in the ANC.

    "I know I started off as a Member of County Assembly (MCA) for five years, and right now I am a Senator. I am only 33 years, and I do not trust the motives of the individuals sending me out of the party in such a manner," he stated.

    Malala, however, expressed his regrets in the way he had responded to the suspension and admitted that there was so much anger in the air that he had not reached out to his party leader to attempt to mend bridges.

    "I will go to him as his son once everything cools down and we will talk and solve this issue. There are, however, some individuals in the party who are fanning the disagreement by issuing statements to the press," Malala revealed.

    This was in contradiction to his statements on November 16, where he launched an angry tirade at the ANC party leader daring him to expel him from the party.

    "I, therefore, as the senator for Kakamega County, dare the party leadership to complete the expulsion process they have started, I am ready to be expelled from the party, I'm ready for a by-election and I'm confident that I will capture back the seat with a landslide," he had stated.

    He had also hit out at his party leader Musalia Mudavadi accusing him of unfairly targeting him over his choice of the candidate in the Kibra by-election.

    Video courtesy of Radio Citizen;