Ruto Allies Plan Counter Meeting After Uhuru's Sagana Event

  • Deputy President William Ruto's allies in Mt Kenya region vowed to plan a meeting to counter President Uhuru Kenyatta's Sagana event which took place on Friday, November 15, 2019. 

    According to a report by the Daily Nation on Thursday, November 21, the legislators stated that their grievances were not adequately addressed in the Nyeri meeting.

    South Imenti MP Kathuri Murungi, a member of Mt Kenya MPs caucus, led the legislators in crying foul, in a  plan that allegedly roped in Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria.

    Kathuri Murungi. The South Imenti MP vowed to counter president Uhuru Kenyatta's Sagana meeting as per reports on Thursday, November 21, 2019

    "I proposed to have the meeting because it's always good for leaders to have a postmortem of a meeting with the president and discuss the region's problems on tea, milk, coffee and other agricultural products," Murungi informed the outlet.

    However, Moses Kuria distanced himself from the purported reports, claiming that some individuals were out to tarnish his name.

    "As leaders, we are serious people. When a meeting is called we communicate officially. Such a report without quoting someone authoritatively is just a perpetuation of media propaganda which we are now used to. 

    "In any case, we meet every day in Parliament and we need approval from no one to meet. But some people are still keen to run after flies while Rome is burning," Kuria lashed out while speaking with on phone. 

    The Jubilee legislator went on to urge the region leaders to unite. 

    "It's time to reason together to confront the issues facing the nation. It's not time for court jesters and sycophants to make capital out of gossiping to their masters," he argued.

    On Monday, November 18, Nyeri Town MP, Ngunjiri Wambugu, blasted Kuria for disrespecting Kenyatta in Mt Kenya. Wambugu claimed that Kuria was ungrateful after the head of state catapulted him into the political limelight.

    "Kuria represents the constituency where Uhuru Kenyatta comes from and the head of state was once an MP of the region. He hopes to be the one who will lead a revolution against Kenyatta, that he imagines will happen in Mt Kenya.

    "Incidentally this is the same Kuria that was literally made into the Gatundu South MP by Uhuru Kenyatta himself, on his first attempt. This attitude of raw political opportunism amongst our elected leaders in Mt Kenya is why we are where we are as a region," Wambugu opined through his Facebook page. 

    DP William Ruto with Moses Kuria at Kasarani Stadium on June 16, 2019