CCTV Captures Supervisor Clobbering Female Employee After Being Fired [VIDEO]

  • CCTV footage emerged showing a male, reported to be a supervisor at a supermarket, unleashing his wrath out on a female cashier after he was allegedly fired.

    The video was posted online by Kajiado ODM politician Lydia Ngaira on Friday, November 22 but had been recorded on Tuesday, November 19.

    She claimed that he was taking out in anger on the female colleague because he had been fired. 

    Eastmatt supermarket Tomboya street Nairobi

    After a few blows, she tried holding the assailant's hand, a move that seemed to have enraged him even more.

    At this point, the helpless cashier tried hiding below her work station but the attacker dragged her from under the desk by her collar.

    He then dragged her towards an open space at the supermarket.

    Another male colleague decided to intervene and hold back the aggressor who seemed extremely enraged as he tried to manoeuvre out of the man's arms.

    The politician who shared the video called for the arrest of the assailant, claiming that nothing warranted how the woman was treated.

    The incident is said to have been recorded at Eastmatt Supermarket Kajiado branch according to a correspondent who spoke to

    At the time of publishing this article, the supermarket had not released a statement on the issue and our efforts to reach it for comments were fruitless.

    UPDATE: Reports reaching our news desk indicate that the man had been arrested after the incident but the woman opted not to press charges and they were both back to work on Friday, November 22.

    Below is the Video: