Babu Owino's Dramatic Entry Into Uhuru's BBI Launch [VIDEO]

  • Embakasi Member of Parliament Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino, on Wednesday, November 27 put up quite a show as he made his way to Bomas of Kenya for the unveiling of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report.

    In a video he shared on his social media platforms, the vocal MP is seen accompanied by a team of able-bodied youth who walked him to the venue.

    According to Babu, who spoke to, his rowdy group forced their way through the gates to support him ahead of the launch.

    "Entered Bomas of Kenya with the boys. BBI Tibim!" he captioned the video.

    Babu Owino and a colleague in Bomas of Kenya during the launch of the BBI report on Wednesday, November 27.

    In the video, his excited entourage is seen walking closely by him, chanting his name as others pledged their loyalty.

    "Babu Owino tialala! Tuko loyal (we're loyal), Babu tibim!," they chanted.

    At one point, a man in the group is seen in a brief confrontation with a comrade but is quickly shoved aside.

    Being a loyal (and vocally so) member of his party, the Orange Democratic Party (ODM), the legislator had demonstrated his full support for the BBI and had severally urged his followers to support it as soon as it was available to the public.

    "At Bomas of Kenya fully supporting BBI which will help this nation be better and bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. There will be no more deaths and destruction of property after elections. We must embrace each other," he stated.

    The launch was not devoid of more drama especially after Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen was heckled by the crowd in the presence of the president.

    Murkomen had claimed the speakers chosen to address the audience were skewed, and since they were allied to opposition leader Raila Odinga, they were using the opportunity to criticise their opponents.

    "We must have an honest discussion, even the way Junet [Mohamed] you are running the program, we must have an honest discussion about it. Your Excellency, it would be a lie for me to leave this stage without saying that this program has been skewed to leave out people with different opinions," Murkomen stated, sending the crowd wild.

    Soon after the function, Digital strategist and blogger Dennis Itumbi was roughed, right behind Uhuru who was posing for a photo with Raila, DP William Ruto, and Senator Yusuf Haji.

    In a video that went viral, the blogger appeared in the background being roughed up, for reasons that are still unknown.

    "I had a beautiful moment as I left Bomas a few moments ago... with the deputy escort commander who kept telling me, 'we know you are not Dennis Itumbi but his brother. Lucky for me, a colleague saved me... A few minutes later, he was clearing the road for me," explained Itumbi.

    Here's a video of Babu and his entourage.