12 Media Celebrities You Didn't Know Are Siblings

  • Kanze, Tony Gachoka and Joey Muthengi.
    Kanze Dena, Tony Gachoka and Joey Muthengi.
  • Media celebrities are always making headlines, be it on newspapers, websites, TV or radio but some things still go unnoticed.

    This piece focuses on media celebrities who grew up sharing almost everything, those who stick together in good and bad times and have still managed to keep their relationships under wraps.

    1.) Kanze Dena and Elsie Stephens 

    First runners up for Ms World Kenya Elsie Stephens and her sister Head of President's Strategic Communication Unit Kanze Dena.

    Head of the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit, Kanze Dena, is popular due to her 15-year stellar career as a Swahili broadcaster.

    What most, however, do not know, is that Kanze is Elsie Stephens elder sister. Ms Stephens is a young model, who is slowly gaining fame among her peers.

    On Saturday, October 8, 2019, she was crowned as the first runners up for the Miss World Kenya beauty pageant, an event that Kanze attended.

    Kanze could not hide her joy and took to social media to congratulate her sister, adding that their late father would be proud of her.

    "You made us proud sis and I know daddy smiled, his little girl has become such a strong and confident woman. Lots of love," she wrote.

    Ms Stephens, a beauty queen in her own right, has also participated in other contests emerging 2nd runners-up in the 2018 edition of the Miss Universe Kenya.

    2.)  Joey Muthengi and Holy Dave

    The two are both presenters who once served at Citizen TV in the same capacity but on different shows.

    Holy Dave (David Muthengi), who is both a presenter and gospel musician, is the Bambika show host while his sister is a radio presenter at Capital FM.

    Formerly, she hosted the Power Breakfast show and 10 over 10 at Citizen TV.

    On Monday, November 25, Joey announced that they would be working on a project together.

    "Who's interviewing who here? 10 mks. Watch this space.  Full video coming soon," Joey stated.

    Citizen TV Bambika show host David Muthegi and her sister Joey Muthengi, a Capital FM presenter.

    3.) Tina Kaggia and DNA

    Dennis Kaggia, commonly known by his stage name DNA, is a household name and has been in the music industry for quite some time.

    DNA, who is known for his songs; Banjuka, Maswali ya Polisi among others, is the elder brother to Tina Kaggia.

    Ms Kaggia is a former morning mid-show radio host at Classic FM.

    The two shared a sombre moment on March 28, 2018, when DNA lost his son who drowned in a swimming pool at his school.

    The sad news touched Ms Kaggia's heart, who penned an emotional message to her brother.

    "Your strength is found. At the end of my road. Your grace reaches to the hurting. Still through the tears and the questioning why I will stand my ground where hope can be found," Ms Kaggia wrote.

    Former Classic FM presenter Tina Kaggia and her brother DNA.

    4.) Ciku Muiruri and Tony Gachoka

    KTN presenter Tony Gachoka has been in the limelight since the late '80s, when he published an alternative press publication known as the Sunday Post.

    He is the brother to former Classic FM's presenter Ciku Muiruri.

    Ms Muiruri has had a career that spans 15 years in the media industry, working for Kiss 100, Easy FMClassic 105 and Daily Nation.

    5.) Rufftone and Daddy Owen

    Owen Mwatia popularly known as Daddy Owen is a Kenyan gospel musician and a brother to Roy Smith Mwita alias Rufftone, who is an award-winning gospel musician.

    The two churn out music to different sub-sets in the gospel industry.

    In October 2017, the two lost their father, Josephat Mwatia, who passed away at his rural home in Kakamega County.

    The late Mwatia had died after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.

    Gospel musicians popularly known as Daddy Owen and Rufftone.

    6.) Madtraxx and DJ Styles

    DJ Styles is one of the pioneer DJ's in Kenya. He is an elder brother to Madtraxx, a popular artist who has released songs with Mejja and Kid Kora under the Kansoul music group.

    Madtraxx is famous for his songs Get Down, Skamaress, among others.

    In 2017, the two entertainers lost their sister Njeri Muigai.

    Ms Muigai, who was in her late thirties, worked as a psychologist in Kiambu County.

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