Daring Smuggler Fatally Runs Over Police Officer

  • A manhunt was launched for a smuggler who fled the scene of a tragic accident along the Busia-Kisumu Highway on Sunday night, December 1, which left a police officer dead.

    A report published by the Daily Nation revealed that the officer, who was riding his government-issued motorbike, GKB 877Q, was run over by the unidentified man who was ferrying illegal alcohol from Uganda.

    Speaking to the press, Ugunja Sub-county Police Commander Ibrahim Muchuma, stated that the police would put every possible effort into ensuring the suspect was apprehended.

    "Both vehicles were heading in the same direction. The rider was at the front while the driver was trying to get past him when the accident occurred," Muchuma disclosed.

    An accident scene involving a police officer. A smuggler ran over a police officer along the Busia-Kisumu highway on December 1.

    The unidentified contraband smuggler fled the scene, leaving behind his stash of Simba Waragi brew, which was confiscated by the police, and his car towed to the Ugunja Police Station.

    The officer was attached to Sigomere Police Station, Krindi patrol base.

    His body was taken to Inuka private mortuary, with his colleagues kickstarting a major manhunt in the area.

    An upsurge in violent crimes across the country has raised concern, with an unidentified man gunned down by police in Bondeni, Mombasa after he was involved in an altercation with one of the officers on Thursday, November 28, 

    A report published by Citizen Digital indicated that the man had tried to violently rob an officer of his firearm, just before he was killed.

    Police Officers on patrol.