Govt Sends Gifts to West Pokot Landslide Victims

  • The government, on Monday, December 2, revealed that it would cater for the hospital bills of persons affected by the landslides in West Pokot County and also cater for funeral expenses for those who lost their lives.

    The information was shared by County Commissioner Apollo Okello while speaking at Nyarkulian Primary School camp in Pokot South Sub-county.

    “The names of those who lost their lives have been forwarded and hope that before the end of the week, all of them would have been buried,” announced Okello.

    West Pokot County Commissioner Apollo Okello. He warned those who were not affected to stay away from the camps and let the victims benefit from the donations.

    According to Kenya Red Cross, 43 bodies were recovered.

    He appealed to residents living in areas prone to landslides to move to safer grounds.

    The county commissioner warned those who were not affected by the tragedy against taking advantage of the situation to collect relief rations from Nyarkualian, Pama and Paroo camps.

    The three camps are accommodating more than 4,000 survivors whose houses were swept away by landslides and floods.

    “We have noted that people who were not affected come to the camps in the morning and leave in the evening after collecting beddings, utensils and foodstuff meant for the victims. 

    “If you are not affected just stay at your safe home. Why are you oppressing those who lost everything by collecting what was meant for them? Some walk kilometres to the school and grab donations,” he noted.

    a section of West Pokot County that suffered the landslides on Saturday November 23